If a book could hug you, this one would

“An inspirational, eloquent and heart-filled reminder that love conquers all!”
~ Alida Birch, shamanic teacher and author of The Co-Creation Handbook

“Love loves this book! It is intuitive and naturally understood by young and old reader.”
~ Erin Reckers, 3rd grade teacher, Eugene, Oregon

This book changes lives

It brings hope and positive ways of thinking about how the emotions of love and fear are intertwined. With many people around the world feeling great despair and hopelessness, this inspirational book is needed now. Getting this message into the world helps individuals become empowered by the optimistic message it shares. It creates space for innovative changes to generate and communities to believe in positive possibilities. Love Loves Fear tells the story of the relationship between love and fear, and how it can be transformed.

Available in English and Spanish