About Author Barb Ryan

As a counselor for 25 years, Barb Ryan worked primarily with survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and those with PTSD. She guided her clients to heal from the inside out, to gently let go of self-judgment, and transform their thoughts to more positive, hopeful possibilities.

Her focus was to help people love themselves, redirect their thoughts, and release all negative beliefs.

Barb recalled a pivotal insight that inspired an expansion of her focus: “One day my inner voice told me how to help people let go of old stories and be willing to ‘spiral toward joy.’ Therapy did not have to take a long time. It involved a desire to learn how to let go of what no longer served them and to take the richness of life they deserved.”

That understanding was the beginning of her happiness work as the ‘Guidess of Happiness,’ with a focus on life coaching.

Barb’s life philosophy is that personal issues reveal themselves to be healed — not cured, but healed. Healing is to love, integrate, and transform pain in some way, and that is the basis for the story Love Loves Fear.

Barb lives in the peace and beauty of the Pacific Northwest. She has raised three daughters and has six grandchildren.

To find out more about Barb, go to GuidessOfHappiness.com

About Illustrator Alysse Hennessey

Alysse Hennessey is a painter and jewelry designer living in the Pacific Northwest with her two sons and menagerie of animal friends. She loves to hike trails, bake, play ukulele, laugh, travel to distant sandy shores, and spot funny creatures in the clouds. See what she’s up to on Facebook at AlysseHennesseyArtStudio.