“This book moved me to examine my own thoughts about the relationship between love and fear – something that I had never done before.”
~ Rabbi Johnathan Seidel

“This inspiring book has the ability to bring much needed relief to little (and big) hearts and minds. As you speak the gentle truthful breeze of words herein, you will be cleansed and refreshed to face life anew.”
~ Jada Prane, PhD, Philosophy

“More love, the less fear.”
~ Rowena Jackson, Klamath, (inspired by the Water Protectors at Standing Rock)

“Love loves fear. Do we think love will look down on fear? Avoid being with it? Give up on it? In this unexpected poem, we get a twist of insight into real love. My mind reels with possibilities for what else love could love!”
~ Kinlen Wheeler, Sacred Pathways

“Thanks so very much for the copy of your book, Love Loves Fear. We all really enjoy your book. My goal this year for the Class 6 monks is to improve their reading/comprehension. Your book is helping in that the text is repetitive, the compound words fairly easy to sound out, and I can easily check comprehension by asking “question words” (who, what, why, when, where and how).

The monastic teaching/learning style is rote memorization. Teaching phonics is particularly difficult because the monks are used to memorizing, not sounding out. They can recite the religious texts out loud faster than I can read them silently, but they don’t learn the meaning of what they are reciting until about Class 5.

~ Ani Samten, Dedicates her life to teaching young Tibetan monks in India.